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A Wedding is a Man and Woman taking a vow
(Giving their word to each other and God)
to become one before God, for as long as they both live,
working together to fulfill their purpose to God.

I will perform any Wedding Ceremony according to God's Word..
I am able to travel to any event in South Carolina.

I am a Christian Minister. I pray and bless in the name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Ghost.. The Bride and Groom must both have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord.

I set no fee. I ask that you make a donation on the day of your wedding, and God will bless what ever it is. The purpose of a wedding is for one woman and one man to become one before God to fulfill their purpose before God.

It is a joyful, and fun, and Christian, and serious occasion. As such, it should emphasize, not only love, but also faith. That is, the words in the ceremony should be consistent with what the Bible teaches.

The conduct of the wedding party and the music selection and the
atmosphere should reinforce a Christian Event.

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  City Georgetown, MA
  Zip Code 01833
  Address 3 Laurel Lane Apt B
  Phone Number (978) 429-7717
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  • Everything was great, I can not say enough about this man
  • Difficult to thank him for his service

My wife and I are Christians, however many of our friends are not. We looked for a neutral wedding officiant, but are thankful we found Pastor Jay. He quickly and gently showed us that without God, there is no marriage. He is a kind, funny, genuine and wonderful minister, look no further. My wife and I can't say enough wonderful things about Pastor Jay. As soon as we met him, we felt super comfortable and knew he was going to be 'the one' to officiate our wedding ceremony. He spent time getting to know us and the story of how we met. He asked us questions about family, details about our ceremony, gave us a variety of options to add to our ceremony and gave helpful advice when asked. He was absolutely amazing.
He ran our rehearsal with such poise and kept everyone on task with what their role was. He worked wonderfully with the team from our venue and was very kind and gracious of everyone's help and efforts to assist with making things run smoothly.

He arrived 30 minutes early and confirmed everything the week prior to our rehearsal and ceremony. He arrived on the afternoon of our wedding - excited and smiling from ear to ear. He was so genuine and kind. I can't say enough wonderful things about him. While we were getting to know him over the months, we shared our love for reading- as I love to read on the beach. On the day of our wedding, He showed up with a beautiful bible as a gift for us. I thought this was so nice of him to remember and reach out to share something that he knew I liked, even though it was not the KJV, that we clearly knew was his favorite.

He was so flexible with meeting times and met us on weekends and late nights, to include a 2 AM urgent call to accommodate our every situation.

Although we admire his dedication to God and his couples, my wife and I found it just a little frustrating that there was nothing we could do for him personally for being so wonderful to us. Everything was amazing and went so smoothly- thanks Pastor Jay
We can't say thank you enough- we are so appreciative of everything he contributed to our wedding day ! Pastor Jay is amazing!

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We used Pastor Jay for our wedding and was very pleased with him. Thank you and God Bless

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