Social Life Dance Center Wedding Services in Hartland, WI

Learn to dance where you are the star! Social Life Dance Center can choreograph your first dance, bridal party dance, father/daughter and mother/son dances. Liberated women are true believers of equality between the sexes in every area of life, except one - the dance floor. That's one of the last places on earth where a woman will follow a man anywhere!

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  Person Gina Chilson
  City Hartland, WI
  Address 350 Cottonwood Ave.
  Phone Number (414) 333-9495
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Customer Testimonials

After 5 years still love the instructors and enjoy the company of the other clients. Best place for dance lessons and fun all in one!

From Our Website

The fast pace of life today finds many of us engrossed in activities which keep us very busy. Ask yourself: "Am I Having Any Fun?" The answer frequently is no. The lives that we lead often find us scurrying around with barely a moment to spare and when we finally end a day, many of us wind up being "Couch Potatoes." Social Life Centers offer a unique opportunity to engage in many activities and the result is definitely having a lot of fun.