♥The Reluctant Prophet is Back 4 PSI Readings♥

Did you loose your investments on Wall St and need to find ways to recover your money? Is your financial situation haunting you? Perhaps Speaking with Spirit can help direct you to your wealth?
Do you still grieve for your dearly beloved?
Do you have unresolved queries? Do you want Spirit to help you speak with those that have crossed over or need a chance to say:
"I Forgive You, I'm Sorry, I'm Lonely-I Miss You or Good Bye? "

After receiving the gift of Sight from the Arch Angel Michael in 1994-I now possess a remarkable ability to "name names and places" with amazing accuracy providing comfort, peace and often important information that loved ones want to relay. The 'Gift' also came with the Favor of God-Discernment abilities, not merely ESP, Clairvoyance, clairaudio, remote viewing, mediumship or psychic abilities but an intercessor - intuitive healer and much, much more. As a Seer, Healer, Visionary Counselor and Intercessor I work with various religious icons and Spirit-to help you.

I can help you get those messages that they are trying to come through. I offer a wide array of options to help you reconnect with your dearly departed loved ones or help those who are bereaved. Phones readings are available using Pay Pal.

Praise: 1/5/09: Thank you so much. I think you're pretty amazing. Now I have the huge job of making decisions and I've always made the wrong ones. Thank you once more, and we'll talk again sometime. Warm regards, Phil M. - PA

2/17/09: This reading was amazing. I am so glad I called you. Thank you so much. Thank you again Tricia C. - L. I.

You can schedule a private reading, join a group lecture or even host a party, with eight [8] guests read-the hostess reading is FREE. For entertainment purposes only!
Please feel free to pass this site onto friends and family. Call and email me today for more information or to reserve your date at: 631-736-1371.
Thank you for your time and may God bless you!

Available for: Psychic parties, Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Milestones, Political Fundraisers, Corporate parties, Bridal Showers, Prom Events, Graduation Party, PTA Fundraiser events and much more. PHONE LINES ARE OPEN -CALL NOW! SEE 4 YOURSELF. THE VEIL IS THINNEST AS ALL SOULS DAY APPROACHES. NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO MAKE CONTACT.


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Mar 17, 2019

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