Once you hire us, we are going to work with you by visiting your photography location(s) prior to the wedding day to take some "test shots". This way you get a direct sense of how we work (we're funny - you smile!) and, after we email you the images, you can see the results of our work with you as our subjects, not just random couples in a sample book! You can tell us what you do and don't like about yourselves and which backgrounds work best for you.

Because we want that natural smile - not that artificial "OK I'm happy now" smirk! Will you find us funny? On your wedding day we don't have to be stand-up comics - any reason to laugh is a good way to relieve that pressure that you're feeling - what pressure, you say? Wait till the day!

We want you to be as relaxed as we can make you so that being shot photographically doesn't feel like a firing squad! We want you to laugh at us and not have to force it.

Oh, we'll also come to your rehearsal to meet your officiant and bridal party and family members. The rules of photography in houses of worship suddenly become a little more relaxed if we can discuss them with a minister, priest, rabbi, etc, prior to the event. And it's so much easier for everyone if they know our names; if we are not the "photographers". Those sometimes intimidating people with large cameras pointed at you yelling "SMILE". Not us!

Contact Details

  City Mount Kisco, NY
  Phone Number (800) 400-4216