Flowers by Dallas is a specialty studio committed to creating custom floral designs for delivery, weddings and special events. Our work showcases throughout Sacramento and beyond. A tiny representation of our service is found within this site.

Contact Details

  City Carmichael , CA
  Zip Code 95608
  Address 4607 Hixon Circle
  Phone Number (916) 979-9223

  • I would not recommend this business
  • Impossible to get ahold of, doesn't respond to client, fraudulent use of credit card.

Do not hire. Despite being very warm and friendly when we first met & signed a contract with him, he soon dropped off the radar and was impossible to get ahold of, disappearing for weeks at a time with no response to calls or email. No communication in lead-up to wedding (aside from a 2-sentence email response sent to us at 4:00am just days before our wedding.) Zero responses to our wedding coordinator's repeated attempts to get ahold of him. MIA on the day of our wedding - didn't show up at all (apparently some emergency came up), so he sent someone else - with no notification to us at all - and the flowers delivered were nice, but not what we had agreed to multiple times (and in writing.) Paid in full by check, yet my credit card was run the morning of our wedding for over $600 at a flower supply store. Police, bank and floral supply company have been notified. Apparently Dallas himself went in to floral supply place just today and claimed that, "Oh no, I had the bride's permission" (despite texting me this weekend "Not to worry I'll take care of it." We had a back-up florist lined up in the week before our wedding just in case - wish we had gone with them instead.

Value for moneyEnd product not what was agreed to.
Service & supportImpossible to get ahold of, fraudelent use of credit card.
QualityEnd product not what was agreed to.
LocationMoved 3 times in the span of 6 months.
Overall ratingPoor