Massachusetts Justice of the Peace, Maryann DeLoria, is delighted to officiate at marriage ceremonies for all wedding couples anywhere in Western Massachusetts. This JP resides in Agawam, Massachusetts but has celebrated weddings in the whole Springfield, Northampton, Holyoke, Chicopee and Berkshire areas. Each custom designed wedding ceremony by Justice Maryann is prepared especially for you.

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  City Agawam, MA
  Zip Code 01001
  Phone Number (413) 789-2798

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Justice Maryann is a well loved, highly regarded and experienced wedding professional who has officiated ceremonies for couples across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for fifteen years. The Governor and his council appointed her to serve. She absolutely loves this career and speaks joyfully of all her awesome couples and wonderful wedding experiences. Justice Maryann is, with her degree in English literature, an accomplished and skillful writer proficient in customizing ceremonies designed to answer your needs while respecting your families' traditions and heritage.

Any couple whose wedding will be held anywhere in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts must have a current Massachusetts marriage license whether or not you live in Massachusetts. You can apply for your marriage license in absolutely any city or town in Massachusetts. You do not have to go to the city hall where you live or the clerk's office in the town where you will hold your wedding. Choose any convenient town in Massachusetts to obtain your license. Check with various cities. License fees vary considerably.

These ceremonies have the strength of hundreds of years behind them. They include words your parents and grandparents spoke to each other, cementing their love. Traditional weddings may be either religious or non-religious. The first option usually mentions God at the ceremony's beginning and end, perhaps blessing your rings, while all the remaining sections are non-religious. Weddings derived from various faiths, including Catholic, Jewish and Protestant, are also available because Justice Maryann has studied comparative religious.

Special flourishes personalize your ceremony and add warm, happy memories as well as create fabulous photo-ops. These include the following choices. A Sand Ceremony creates a visual representation of the merging of your two lives into one through the use of colored sand and glass containers. Some people have chosen beach sand from places significant to their relationship. This is a pretty ceremony addition and has the advantage of being safe at an outdoor wedding. Sand also works well with children.